Dr. Mohammad Hanif Murad

Professor & Chairman

Post Doc (University of Grand Commission, Bangladesh)

                  PhD (JNIRCMPS, University of Chittagong)

                  M.Phil. (JNIRCMPS, University of Chittagong)

                  M.Sc. in Mathematics (CU)

                  B.Sc. (Hon’s) in Mathematics (CU)

  • Number Theory
  • Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations
  •  Artificial Neural Networks
  • Biomedical Mathematics

Office: Room No. (   ), 2nd Floor, Academic Bhaban 2, Department of Applied Mathematics, Noakhali Science & Technology University, Sonapur-3814, Noakhali

Mobile No: 01712018181

E-mail: drhanifmuradnstu@yahoo.com

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